Mage Data Partner and Value-Added Distributor (VAD)

Mage Data Partner and Value-Added Distributor (VAD)
Mage Data Partner and Value-Added Distributor (VAD)
Mage Data Partner and Value-Added Distributor (VAD)
Mage Data Partner and Value-Added Distributor (VAD)

What is Mage Data?

Mage Data is a brand of MENTIS Inc., focusing on enterprise data privacy and security. Based in New York and ISO 27001 certified, Mage Data aims to infuse privacy into the organizational DNA. The company reimagines data privacy and security, enabling businesses to focus on their core operations efficiently. Mage offers a solution that manages sensitive data, mitigating the risk of data exposure, protecting enterprise reputation, and alleviating CXOs’ data concerns. Their solutions include Data Privacy, Test Data Management, and Data Security. Mage Data is recognized by analysts and favoured by Fortune-ranked customers, with backing from investors like Keiretsu Forum and Bluehill Capital.

Why choose Mage Data?

Choosing Mage Data for enterprise data privacy and security is beneficial for several reasons:

  • Expertise in Data Privacy: Specialization in ensuring the privacy of sensitive information.
  • Comprehensive Data Security Solutions: Offering robust data security measures to protect against breaches.
  • Innovative Test Data Management: Efficient test data management, maintaining relevance and security.
  • Database Security: Expertise in securing databases from vulnerabilities.
  • Facilitating Secure Digital Transformation: Ensuring the security of digital processes in evolving business environments.
  • Global Compliance Support: Assisting with regulatory compliance for cross-border data sharing.
  • Investor Confidence: Backed by reputable investors, indicating trust and stability.
  • Clientele Recognition: Preferred by Fortune-ranked companies, showcasing reliability.
  • Experienced Leadership: Led by a skilled team with a clear vision.
  • ISO 27001 Certification: Adherence to high standards of information security management.

These points collectively make Mage Data a strong candidate for enterprises looking to safeguard their data while focusing on core business activities.

Gulf IT Dubai Mage Data Partner and Value-Added Distributor (VAD) in Dubai.

Gulf IT Dubai is a partner and Value-Added Distributor (VAD) for Mage Data in Dubai, enhancing Mage Data’s presence in the region. This partnership leverages Gulf IT Dubai’s local market expertise and network, bringing Mage Data’s advanced solutions in data privacy, security, and compliance to a wider audience in the Middle East. The collaboration offers tailored solutions to address the unique data security needs of businesses in the region, ensuring compliance with local and international regulations. With this strategic alliance, Gulf IT Dubai strengthens its portfolio, offering innovative data security and privacy solutions, and Mage Data expands its global footprint, reinforcing its commitment to delivering top-notch data protection and privacy services.

Gulf IT Riyadh Mage Data Partner and Value-Added Distributor (VAD) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Gulf IT Riyadh, as a Value-Added Distributor (VAD) and partner of Mage Data in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, represents a significant step in expanding Mage Data’s global presence. This collaboration merges Gulf IT Riyadh’s expertise in the local market with Mage Data’s advanced data privacy and security solutions. Tailoring Mage Data solutions to meet the specific needs of leading businesses in the region, the partnership ensures compliance with both Saudi and international data regulations. This strategic alliance not only strengthens Gulf IT Riyadh’s product offerings but also solidifies Mage Data’s commitment to providing cutting-edge data protection services in the Middle East.

Why Gulf IT for Mage Data?

Choosing Gulf IT as the distributor for Mage Data in the region is strategic for several reasons. Gulf IT’s strong market presence and deep understanding of local business requirements make it an ideal partner to bring Mage Data’s solutions to Saudi Arabia. Their expertise ensures that the sophisticated data security and privacy solutions provided by Mage Data are tailored to meet the business specific needs and regulatory requirements of Middle Eastern Authority. This partnership strengthens both Gulf IT’s portfolio in offering advanced tech solutions and Mage Data’s global outreach, ensuring top-tier data protection services are accessible in this key market.

Top Middle East and Africa companies trust Gulf IT for Mage Data solutions, relying on its leading-edge products for success.

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