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Gulf IT is the perfect place to take your career to new heights.

Gulf IT is an award-winning value-added distributor. We achieve success through the efforts of our employees.
Excellent service cannot be provided solely through technology; you need great people to provide it. It is our firm belief that our employees should be developed and enabled to reach their full potential while, at the same time, having a little fun along the way. In our opinion, happy and motivated employees provide our customers with the best possible service experience.

Gulf IT is a unique company in the field of network product distribution and cyber security. Our team consists of talented and experienced individuals, we have a long list of awards and accolades, and we have created our own line of security services.

We adhere to five core values that guide our behavior

In guiding what we do and how we conduct ourselves, we adhere to the following values and behaviors:

Being supportive

Whenever a challenge arises, we approach it in a supportive manner.


With minimal supervision, our Professionals handle the responsibilities assigned to them.

Impressive team

As a team, we pay close attention to details in order to impress our colleagues and customers.

Make it simpler

The language we use is simple and we communicate without the use of IT jargon.

Energized by life

An energetic environment with a work-life balance that inspires us all to do our best.