Array Networks Partner and Value-Added Distributor (VAD)

Array Networks Partner and Value-Added Distributor (VAD)
Array Networks Partner and Value-Added Distributor (VAD)
Array Networks Partner and Value-Added Distributor (VAD)
Array Networks Partner and Value-Added Distributor (VAD)

What is Array?

Array Networks, originating in Silicon Valley over two decades ago, is a frontrunner in technical innovation. With a vision to streamline data center infrastructure and administration, Array revolutionized the industry by integrating crucial application delivery and security solutions. Beyond its technological prowess, the company is a beacon for inclusion, diversity, and transparent corporate ethics. Its commitment to understanding customer needs, promoting innovative thinking, and offering growth opportunities has earned it an enviable global footprint, with thousands of satisfied clients spanning continents. At its core, Array embodies innovation, customer-centricity, and deep respect for diversity and ethical standards.

Why Choose Array?

Navigating the dynamic digital world, Array is a premier choice for application delivery solutions. Renowned for its reliability, cost-effectiveness, and customer-centric approach, Array offers a blend of innovation and value that addresses today’s pressing digital needs. Choose Array, and step into the future with confidence.

Benefits of Array:

  • Reliability: Array’s robust systems are engineered for consistent performance, ensuring that your applications are delivered seamlessly without interruptions.

  • Unmatched Price-Performance: Our solutions are not only top-tier but are also cost-effective. We guarantee an unparalleled return on investment in the industry, giving you more value for every dollar spent.

  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction: At Array, our customers aren’t just clients but partners. We prioritize your needs, feedback, and satisfaction, ensuring that our solutions are tailored to address your unique challenges.

  • Leadership in Innovation: With Array leading the way, you’re not just getting a service; you’re getting the future of application delivery. We constantly innovate, keeping you ahead of industry trends.

  • Comprehensive Evaluation Guide: Array equips you with detailed evaluation resources before deciding, enabling informed choices. We want you to be sure that our solutions are the right fit for your needs.

  • Global Customer Base: Our track record speaks for itself, with over 5000 satisfied customers worldwide. When you choose Array, you join an international business community that trusts us with their critical application delivery needs.

In essence, Array is not just a solution provider; it’s a partner in your digital journey, ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and growth.

Array Partner Redefining App Delivery Excellence in Dubai

In Dubai’s dynamic tech ecosystem, Array Networks, renowned for its advanced PV Series Load Balancing & App Delivery solutions, collaborate with the leading value-added distributor – Gulf IT. This strategic alliance champions Array’s commitment to delivering unparalleled application availability, scalability, and security to the UAE market. Gulf IT, being among the UAE’s top distributors, accentuates Array’s global offerings with its deep regional expertise and distribution prowess. This blend ensures businesses access cost-effective, best-in-class digital solutions tailored to their unique requirements. With Array’s comprehensive suite, from Advanced Layer 4/7 Server Load Balancing to Cloud Deployment options, and Gulf IT’s distribution excellence, the UAE has a winning combination for digital transformation. Array and Gulf IT set the gold standard for application delivery, ensuring Dubai remains at the forefront of technological innovation.

Array Load Balancing and Application Delivery Explained

Array’s load balancing and application delivery is a comprehensive solution that optimizes web applications’ performance, availability, and security. Here’s a breakdown of its core features and functionalities:

  • Load Balancing:

    The essential purpose of load balancing is to distribute incoming web traffic across multiple servers, ensuring that no single computer is overwhelmed by too much traffic, improving performance and preventing server overload. Array offers Layer 7 (application layer) and Layer 4 (transport layer) load balancing, providing precision and flexibility in traffic distribution.

  • Availability:

    Array’s solution ensures that applications remain available even during high-traffic periods or server failures. This is achieved through features like server health checks and global server load balancing (GSLB), which redirect traffic to healthy servers and maintain session persistence.

  • Performance Enhancement:

    Array’s application delivery platform incorporates SSL offload, TCP multiplexing, caching, and compression. These features work together to reduce the burden on servers and improve the overall speed and responsiveness of applications.

  • Security:

    With the ever-growing threats in the digital space, Array integrates robust security features, such as DDoS mitigation, authentication, and TLS encryption. These features work in tandem to provide a secure application environment, protecting data and infrastructure.

  • Scalability:

    Array’s system is designed to grow with your needs. It can scale server pools, ensuring that the infrastructure can handle the increased load as the demand for an application grows.

  • Deployment Flexibility:

    Array’s solutions are versatile, available as physical or virtual appliances or on popular public clouds like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

In summary, Array load balancing and application delivery is a holistic approach to ensure that web applications are always available, perform at their peak, and remain secure, catering to small and large enterprises.

Array and Gulf IT: Setting Standards in Dubai, UAE

Array Networks, an eminent name in tech solutions, has strategically partnered with Gulf IT, Dubai’s leading IT and Cybersecurity Products and solutions distributor, to enhance its presence in the UAE. Gulf IT is the top choice for businesses seeking the perfect blend of global technological excellence and regional understanding. As the best distributor, Gulf IT takes pride in bringing Array’s state-of-the-art solutions to the vibrant tech landscape of Dubai. Recognized for its cost-effective approach, Gulf IT ensures Array’s innovative offerings are accessible and tailored for the UAE market. With a shared vision for unparalleled service and quality, this alliance between Array and Gulf IT guarantees that businesses in Dubai experience nothing short of excellence. When two of the industry’s finest join hands, it sets a benchmark, again proving why the UAE stands at the forefront of technological innovation.

Leading the Way: Gulf IT & Array Networks in Riyadh

In Riyadh’s ever-evolving tech arena, Gulf IT is a paramount partner for Array Networks, establishing a gold standard in digital solutions. Recognized among the top distributors in Saudi Arabia, Gulf IT seamlessly amalgamates Array Networks’ global excellence with Riyadh’s specific technological aspirations. With a reputation for being cost-effective without compromising quality, Gulf IT ensures businesses have access to the best of Array’s innovations. This synergy between two industry giants — Gulf IT’s regional expertise and Array Networks’ world-class solutions — creates a dynamic partnership that champions efficiency and innovation. In their quest for digital excellence, businesses in Riyadh need to look no further. By aligning with Gulf IT’s Array Network offerings, they are choosing not just a service but a promise: a promise of unparalleled quality, top-tier innovation, and cost-effective solutions.

Gulf IT: The Foremost Choice for Array Networks in the UAE

For businesses in the UAE navigating the digital transformation landscape, the paramount choice for Array Networks solutions is undeniably Gulf IT. Esteemed as one of the top distributors, Gulf IT blends cutting-edge technology with impeccable service, offering a unique blend of reliability and innovation. With a commitment to cost-effectiveness, Gulf IT ensures businesses benefit from Array’s high-performance solutions without straining their budgets. The hallmark of Gulf IT lies in its mastery of Array Network’s offerings, from Network Functions Virtualization to Hyperconverged Infrastructure. Combined with its in-depth local expertise, it positions Gulf IT as the leading partner in the region. Opting for Gulf IT means choosing top-tier quality, cost-efficiency, and unparalleled support in the UAE’s dynamic digital ecosystem. Embrace the future with the best – Gulf IT and Array Networks.

Array's Pioneering Digital Security Solutions

Array offers an integrated suite of cutting-edge security products tailored to today’s digital landscape. From optimizing application delivery to facilitating passwordless authentication, their solutions prioritize user experience and uncompromising security. Dive into Array’s innovations designed for a seamlessly secure digital enterprise.

  • Application Delivery: 

    Array’s solution optimizes applications’ performance, security, and availability. This ensures users get a consistent experience while businesses maintain high operational efficiency.

  • SSL VPN: 

    Array SSL VPN enables secure remote connectivity to applications and websites from diverse devices. Utilizing encryption and stringent user validation, it assures secure access without sacrificing ease of use. Suitable for businesses of all sizes, it’s available in physical, virtual, or cloud deployments.

  • Web Application Firewall & DDoS: 

    Array’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) offers robust protection against web-based threats, including DDoS attacks. Combining positive and negative security models effectively shields against known and emerging threats, ensuring uninterrupted business operations.

  • SSL Intercept: 

    The SSL Intercept solution from Array provides transparency into encrypted network traffic. Decrypting and then re-encrypting data allows other security systems to examine and assure the safety of the encrypted content, effectively eliminating blind spots without breaching privacy standards.

  • Network HCI:

    Array’s Network Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) presents a scalable and adaptive network solution. Offering benefits like hardware acceleration and high availability, it’s ideal for businesses seeking performance combined with the flexibility of a converged infrastructure.

  • Passwordless Authentication: 

    The Array IDpass Identity Solution offers an innovative passwordless authentication mechanism. Users can safely access their accounts using advanced methods like biometrics without the hassles of traditional passwords. This not only enhances security but also simplifies the user experience.

Find out why leading companies in the Middle East and Africa rely on Gulf IT for Array Networks products and solutions.

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