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We have partnered with some of the world's leading technology brands and We are the Exclusive Distributors in the region!

Privileged Password & Session Management

Change Tracker™ Gen7 R2

Setting the new standards for fraud operations management with FCase

An Unmatched SD-WAN and hybrid WAN solution by Silver peak

Making your web browsing experience safe again

Network Functions Platforms

Identity Powers Security

CYBER SECURITY IS ALL ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS DRIVEN COGITATE. Achieve your business Use Cases with Secure, Productivity and User experience with our vendors...


Microsoft And Imperva Collaboration Bolsters Data Compliance And Security Capabilities

One of the benefits of Azure SQL, which is essentially a Relational Database as a Service (RDaaS), is that all of the database infrastructure administrative tasks and maintenance are taken

Read More... 26, April 19

Imperva Joins Global Cybersecurity Tech Accord

Imperva is dedicated to the global fight to keep people’s data and applications safe from cybercriminals. What this means for our Imperva Threat Research team is that we spend a lot of

Read More... 26, April 19

FCASE Fraud Orchestration for Financial Institutions

Today’s financial services industry is challenged with increasingly innovative ways of committing fraud and cyber-crime. While banks, building societies and credit card companies comply

Read More... 26, April 19

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