Identity. It’s their focus. It’s your power

In 2005, Mark and Kevin set out to create a new type of company – one that promised to provide innovative solutions to business problems and an exciting, collaborative work environment for identity rock stars. Together, they redefined identity’s place in the security ecosystem.

SailPoint’s success is directly tied to their Core Values, also known as the “Four I’s”: Innovation, Integrity, Impact, and Individuals. These are cornerstones to their corporate culture, and because they are independent of scale, they have served them well from our early days as a startup through today as a fast-growing global company.

SailPoint Products

Identity Powers Security

SailPoint’s Identity+ Alliance allows companies to integrate disparate security and infrastructure components, making them “identity aware” so that breaches can be better mitigated, identified and contained. Their Open Identity Management Platform embraces user-centric security to mitigate the risk of data breaches, provides identity context to operational and security applications and connects disparate technologies to mitigate, identify and contain ...

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Open Identity Platform


See Everything, Govern Everything and Deploy Faster

IdentityNow is ready for today’s complex hybrid IT environments and unifies identity management processes across cloud, mobile and on-premises environments … from the cloud. SailPoint customers can have confidence in the integrity, security, and reliability of a SaaS identity governance experience. These two information security assessments evaluate development practices and the treatment of confidential information within IdentityNow. See the SailPoint ...

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Empower your Users and Enforce Compliance

IdentityIQ is a proven enterprise solution that enables you to gain visibility and manage access to all resources across your complex, hybrid IT environment. The latest release further extends identity governance to software bots, Amazon Web Services, and SAP ...

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See Sensitive Data, Prevent Rogue Access and Embrace Shadow IT

With 80% of corporate data being unstructured, it’s no surprise that email and files are the new targets for data breaches. SailPoint addresses that by extending identity governance to unstructured data. SecurityIQ improves data security posture by allowing relevant data owners to control user access and usage via an intuitive ...

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Manage Risk, Govern Smarter and increase Efficiency

Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, SailPoint’s SaaS identity analytics solution, IdentityAI, extends the value of their open identity platform by giving customers the visibility they need to manage risk associated with user ...

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