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Threat Intelligence

Global threat visibility is a key security advantage

Security is only as good as the intelligence it’s based on.

Imperva crowd-sourced threat intelligence provides the fastest, advanced warning on emerging threats to protect your applications.

Imperva ThreatRadar combines threat research from Imperva security researchers, threat intelligence from a variety of partners, and live data crowdsourced from Imperva customers around the world.

How Imperva Threat Intelligence Protects Your Data

Identifies good bots, bad bots and humans

Categorizes good, bad and human bots to secure entry for trusted bots only

Stops account takeover

Detects credential stuffing and other malicious login techniques based on stolen credentials

Automatically updates signatures and policies

Automatically updates attack signatures and provides predefined security policies

Foundational Features

  • Block bad bots and automated attacks

    With ThreatRadar Bot Protection, accurately distinguish incoming traffic and classify bots

  • Protect against credential compromise

    ThreatRadar Account Takeover Protection prevents all sorts of account takeover attacks

  • Block emerging threats

    Automatically block threats based on ThreatRadar threat intelligence and signature updates

  • Leverages global threat visibility

    Patent-pending algorithms translate and study live-attack data and deliver it to all subscribers

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