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Data Security

Secure what matters most – your data

Data is the lifeline of your organization and the target of cybercriminals.

Protect your data from ransomware, extortion, and theft while you prevent downtime, keep your customers’ trust, and safeguard your brand’s reputation.

Securing your data from attacks and simplifying regulatory compliance is crucial for online business.

Imperva data security solutions do both.

How Imperva Data Security Protects Your Data

Uncover hidden risks

Discover forgotten or rogue databases, classify sensitive data and assess databases for vulnerabilities and misconfigurations

Protect data from external and internal threats

Detect and contain malicious, careless and compromised users

Comply with data security and privacy regulations

HIPAA. GDPR. SOX. You know the drill. Compliance is challenging. Imperva makes it a lot easier

Foundational Features

  • Discovers sensitive data

    Automates database discovery and classification, to discover rogue or forgotten files

  • Finds database vulnerabilities

    Locates vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in based on standards such as DISA STIG and CIS

  • Monitors all data activity

    Continuous monitoring detects and alerts you to unauthorized access, enabling you to take action

  • Stops ransomware in its tracks

    SecureSphere File Firewall quarantines impacted users to prevent the spread of ransomware

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