Array / Network Functions Platforms

Network Functions Platforms

The Agility of Virtualization. The Performance of Dedicated Appliances

In addition to abstracting complexity and taking the guesswork out of VA provisioning, AVX Series Network Functions Platforms provide the best of both worlds – the agility of virtualization and the performance of dedicated appliances.

Mix and match different size ADC, SSL VPN, and 3rd-party networking, security and app delivery virtual appliances.

Add, manage, change and delete VA's on a purpose-built platform that enables intuitive instantiation, service automation and guaranteed performance per virtual network function.

Supports Array and 3rd-Party VAs

Array vAPV Virtual ADC

Array vxAG Virtual SSL VPN

Array vWAN Virtual WAN Op

Foundational Features

  • High Availability

    Provide high availability at both system and virtual appliance levels

  • Pay-As-You-Go Capacity

    AVX Series appliances support pay-as-you-grow licensing

  • Flexible Size Options

    Can host four different size vAPV, vxAG and 3rd-party instances

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