Cyberbit / Out-Of-The-Box Playbooks And Dashboards

Out-Of-The-Box Playbooks And Dashboards

Insights that empower better decisions and data modeling

Dozens of expert-designed, NIST-aligned playbooks, ensure that incidents of any type are managed flawlessly, regardless of analyst level or experience. Preset and custom investigation dashboards present your tier-2 and 3 analysts with the right data at the right moment, to accelerate investigations and provide broader insights.

Centralize and Automate Incident Response

Insight From Multiple Perspectives

Cyberbit SOC 3D platform offers customers enterprise dashboards enabling better decision making

Visual Layout Builder

Cyberbit SOC 3D platform has the ability to define page layouts, fields, dropdowns and picklists

Full Role-Based Access Control

Foundational Features

  • Import and Export (into PDF)

    Export and import dashboard templates with the ability to export dashboard views as PDFs

  • Intuitive drag and drop with widgets

    Intuitive drag and drop, visual layout builder for creating dashboard templates or pages

  • Complete control over users and dashboards

    Ability to make selected dashboards as default for all system users and reate user-specific dashboards and reports

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