Cyberbit / Automate and Orchestrate Playbooks

Automate and Orchestrate Playbooks

Employ the robust Cyberbit SOC 3D Platform Playbook Engine to automate all your IR processes

SOC 3D provides numerous out-of-the-box, expert-written playbooks for a wide range of incident types, ensuring a comprehensive and measurable response process.
Playbooks are executed automatically whenever possible and desired, to reduce response time and workload.

A Playbook for Any Incident

Visual Playbook Builder

SOC 3D playbooks are triggered according to alert type. An advanced playbook editor allows editing and creating new playbooks.

Actionable Metrics

With all raw data at your fingertips, you can define unlimited KPIs to measure your processes and individual analysts, identify bottlenecks in SIEM rules, playbooks, staff performance, and more – to continuously improve SOC efficiency.

Align with the NIST Framework

SOC 3D aligns your organisation with the NIST Computer Security Incident Handling Guide

Foundational Features

  • String Multiple Steps Together

    Drag and drop interface, which allows stringing of multiple steps together

  • Playbook Collections

    Ability to add, import and export multiple playbook collections

  • Global Monitoring

    Global monitoring for all playbook executions along with step completion status and incident records

  • Segregate execution logs

    Filter playbook execution logs based on Users, Time, Type, and Status

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