Setting the new standards for fraud operations management

In the digital age, financial crime against banks, building societies, credit cards and other financial services organizations is accelerating rapidly. From malicious malware to sophisticated phishing schemes, they are under constant multi-channel attack. On the contrary Financial Fraud detection and prevention (FDP) technologies has been broadly segmented by solution, fraud type and nature of fraud. At FCASE we help Fraud Operation Centers to orchestrate their “Resources”, “Data” and “FDP Systems”.

FCASE is a data aggregation hub which takes fraud management systems from basic standalone detection to a more enterprise-focused approach, standardizing fraud case interaction, fraud management processes, governance models and performance indicators. Our next generation technologies integrates disparate data platforms, collecting information from multiples fraud detection sources to manage fraudulent activity in real-time using adaptive analytics.

Fcase Products

FCASE Fraud Orchestration for Financial Institutions

Today’s financial services industry is challenged with increasingly innovative ways of committing fraud and cyber-crime. While banks, building societies and credit card companies comply with ever-changing regulations and legislation and contend with increasing pressure to release products that enhance the customer experience, first generation fraud management systems are falling short. Forward-thinking financial institutions evolving their fraud management systems from a level of basic standalone detection to a more enterprise-focused approach that integrates disparate data platforms, predicts risk assessment using adaptive ...

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