The #1 Security Orchestration, Automation and Incident Response Solution

With the ever prevalent evolution of the cyber threat landscape, CyberSponse has sought to develop a platform that helps give a competitive edge to those who work tirelessly to rightfully preserve the privacy and data integrity of those most vulnerable in society, regardless of an organization’s size or budget.

In line with their aspiration of global collaboration on all things cyber, CyberSponse is a proud founding sponsor of the Incident Response Consortium (IRC), the first community driven, non-profit educational organization dedicated to cybersecurity incident response.

Cybersponse Products

An Enterprise Role-based, Configurable Incident Management Solution

To investigate alerts more efficiently, it’s very important to be able to understand and review data in a consumable manner. With their robust field level role-based access control, CyOPs Incident Management solution provides organizations the power to manage sensitive data in accordance with SOC ...

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Incident Management


Employ the robust CyOPs Playbook Engine to automate all your IR processes

Create smart automated workflows with ease of product integrations. Manage playbooks better by grouping them into logical folders. Closely monitor playbook step executions, as well as various performance ...

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Unified Console built on the only enterprise Multi-tenancy architecture

One customer has Elastic, the other uses ArcSight. One prefers Anomali and the other prefers Farsight! A painful process of managing so many tools across so many customers. CyOPs eliminates the painful process of managing so many tools across so many ...

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Role-based Dashboards

Insights that empower better decisions and data modeling

CyOPs offers customers enterprise dashboards enabling better decision making. With their intuitive drag and drop interface, CyOPs has the ability to define page layouts, fields, dropdowns and ...

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Build, configure and produce role-based incident reports

Leverage the CyOPs Report Library for a quick start with many commonly used reports. Customize out-of-the-box reports for organization-specific metrics and get the ability to assign specific roles to report ...

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Metrics and Reporting

Queue Management

Handle Alert and Incident task assignments automatically across teams

Leverage the built-in CyOPs Queue Management to handle automatic work assignments across multiple queues and teams. Moreover, define logical rules for auto assignments to a specific member or ...

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